The new & improved Qinesis, The Business Growth Company

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Company News

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone around the world in deep & profound ways. We at Qinesis have been no exception. We have had team members who have had to stay sheltered for the entirety of the pandemic, had health scares & cash flow problems.

Despite the difficulties, the Qinesis team decided to take a proactive approach to our circumstances & try & make the best of our situations. We looked at lockdown as an opportunity to spend quality time with our families. Changes in our customers’ businesses was an opportunity for us to innovate & create services that are more tailored to the current climate. But the most important thing for our company was the opportunity to slow down & take a step back, to work on our business instead of being caught up in our business.

We had the chance to evaluate our brand & really drill down on our mission & values. Once we had established the fundamentals & found the common thread running through everything we do, Growth, Integrity, Innovation, Personalisation & Wellbeing, we went about rebranding & redeveloping our literature & setting up our new website.

We can’t wait to embrace the future & everything it holds for us. Hopefully you will all enjoy our new look website & come along with us on journey through the vast business space.

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