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What does leadership mean to you?

Every business owner & CEO wants to be a good leader, but how can you be if you don’t really know what that is?
Unfortunately, leadership doesn’t have one single clear-cut definition. If you look up the term on the internet you can find definitions like “Leadership is the ability to motivate & organise others toward a common goal” or “a person who leads a group of people.” But while the definitions may vary, the general sentiments remain the same: leaders are people who know how to achieve goals & inspire people along the way.

The current consensus is that there are 10 different types of leader

Everyone is different; shaped from different experiences & operating under different circumstances. The kind of leader you are can be dictated from your character, your circumstances, your environment, or your employees. It may be that your type of business dictates the type of leader that fits best within its sector.  To be effective as a leader you might have to use several leadership styles at any given time, based on the unique needs of the company, its organisational culture, your experience & personality.

Good leaders are respected

Leaders can earn the respect of followers in many ways. The best way to influence others is through our actions. People will follow because they have to, they like you, you deliver, you help them grow, of who you are & what you represent. Make sure you are the type of leader people follow for the right reasons.

Qinesis believe that motivation & inspiration are among the most important qualities that a successful leader can have. A successful leader must be able to recognise & understand the talents & temperaments of each individual they are leading in order to effectively motivate them to achieve their personal best & contribute to the organisation’s end goal.

Qinesis can work with you to help you improve your teams’ leadership skills in order to achieve your personal & corporate goals.

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