Qi Board


It is very rare that an organisation has all the skills, knowledge & practical experience it needs to grow a successful business. The non-executive board allows you to access what you need to make that next step while bringing an independent & fresh perspective.

Essentially the non-executive director’s (NED) role is to provide a creative contribution to the board by providing objective feedback. As someone outside the organisation, the NED may have a clearer or wider view of external factors affecting the company & its business environment. According to the Cadbury report NEDs “should bring an independent judgement to bear on issues of strategy, performance & resources including key appointments & standards of conduct”.


Non-executive directors are usually chosen because they have a breadth of experience, are of an appropriate calibre & have particular personal qualities. Additionally, they may have some specialist knowledge that will help provide the board with valuable insights, a fresh perspective or perhaps, key contacts in relation to industries, sectors, global markets or the city.

Our team consists of engineers, scientists & technical CEOs, MDs & Directors with commercial experience in the STEM sector. All senior members are ex or current CEOs & Directors of STEM-based companies that have worked in a range of sectors within local, global, SME & corporate environments.

Qi Board from Qinesis,
Bringing an independent & fresh perspective to your business