Problem Solving

Creative problem solving is the key to business success. Qinesis can help you to understand that welcoming challenging problems & your creative response will get you ahead of your competitors.

We encourage problem solving  to become the core of your business capability to create value for your customers. The more value you create, the more your business will grow.

Entrepreneurs who are great problem solvers within any business, are also the best prepared to solve their customer’s needs effectively. In fact, every business is about solutions to customer problems – no problems, no business. Problems are an everyday part of every business.

Qinesis help entrepreneurs & business leaders to improve their personal & the company’s problem solving capability. But we go further in that we challenge our clients to solve problems creatively, so that they don’t just solve the problem, but they maximise the benefit & value to the customer.

The following is a little taster of the how & what we encourage in our client’s perspective,

  • Take the time to define the problem clearly  -Many leaders jump into solution mode immediately, even before they understand the issue. Sometimes, a small problem can become a big problem with inappropriate actions. We encourage leaders to seek clarity to accelerate the path ahead.
  • Differentiate facts of life & opportunities – There are some things that you can do nothing about. They are not problems & are simply facts of life. Often, what appears to be a problem is actually an opportunity in disguise.
  • Challenge the definition from all angles – Beware of any problem for which there is only one definition. The more ways you can define a problem, the more likely it is that you will find the best solution. For example, sales are too low may mean strong competitors, ineffective marketing, or poor marketing & sales processes.
  • Protect your Business Values – Things can change massively when your business is growing & scaling up. Many things will compete for your time & attention. Your Qinesis Coach will prepare you for this & help you to realise the importance of safeguarding your business values – which must not be allowed to suffer. The values that helped you to be successful up to this point must be protected.
  • Coaching to Build an Awesome Team – As you scale & grow your business, you will need new staff. Recruiting the right people at all levels is essential to scaling up, & attitude is as important as skills & experience. New recruits should realise the importance of your business values where consistency & quality are paramount. Qinesis will help you to create a culture & environment where people want to be & want to excel because they are engaged, motivated, recognised & rewarded.
  • Iteratively question the cause of the problem  – This is all about finding the root cause, rather than treating a symptom. If you don’t get to the root, the problem will likely recur, perhaps with different symptoms. Don’t waste time re-solving the same problem.
  • Identify multiple possible solutions  – The more possible solutions you develop, the more likely you will come up with the right one. The quality of the solution is in direct proportion to the quantity of solutions considered in problem solving.
  • Prioritise potential solutions – An acceptable solution, achievable now, is usually more interesting to an excellent solution with higher complexity, longer time frame, & higher cost. There is a rule that says that every large problem was once a small problem that could have been solved easily at that time.
  • Make a decision  – Select a solution & then decide on a course of action. The longer you put off deciding on what to do, the higher the cost, & the larger the impact. Your objective should be to deal with 80% of all problems immediately. At the very least, set a specific deadline for making a decision & stick to it.
  • Assign responsibility  – Who exactly is going to carry out the solution or the different elements of the solution? Otherwise nothing will happen & you have no option but to implement all solutions yourself which is counterproductive. Your job is to lead the company, not get caught up in operations.
  • Set a measure for the solution  – Otherwise you will have no way of knowing when & whether the problem was solved. Problem solutions in a complex system often have unintended side effects which can be worse than the original problem.

People who are good at problem solving are some of the most valuable & respected people in every area of a business. Qinesis can improve the problem solving capability of your company so you are stronger than your competitors to meet your customer’s needs. In fact, success if often defined as the ability to solve problems. Many successful business leaders describe this streetwise & often value this even more than bookwise. The best entrepreneurs, leaders & successful organisations have both.

Problem Solving from Qinesis,
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