Pilot Qi Therapy Programme

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Company News

We have all been going through difficult times in the last couple of years with the COVID-19 pandemic & all the associated stressors such as furlough, lockdown & isolation. Now more than ever our mental health has been suffering & many people have been reaching out for help.

Despite us advocating the importance of wellbeing & mental health & seeing a significant increase in mental health discussions with our clients, we have still noticed a stigma associated with counselling & psychotherapy, especially in many engineering & manufacturing sectors.

We are piloting a new counselling & psychotherapy support programme, titled Qi Therapy, to address the mental health stigma in sectors with low engagement, such as aerospace, rail, automotive & steel fabrication.

Even in 2021, there is stigma attached to psychotherapy in the UK.

Therapy can still be seen as a sign of weakness, when the reality is very different with much of the UK PLC coming to terms with the impact of mental health on its people & business performance – & we’ve seen many of our clients investing to support employees.

The take-up of such support in industry remains low & we hope this pilot can address that.

Dr Cham Kang – Qinesis CVO

Qi Therapy will be more than a wellbeing programme, it will be run by qualified psychotherapists to assess the engagement of employees in industry where take-up of therapy support services is low compared to the public & service sectors. The aim is to help workers in industry address the root causes of their challenges.

If you’re not getting to the cause of the challenge, you are essentially shackled to the challenge & all its manifestations. Psychotherapy gets to the root cause & that’s something we engineers should appreciate when solving work problems.

Martin Rigley – Lindhurst Engineering MD & Qinesis Coaching & Mentoring Director

The programme has been received with success at Lindhurst Engineering, with many workers taking advantage of the opportunity to get confidential, expert help to tackle their challenges.

Should the pilot continue to prove successful, Qi Therapy will be rolled out as a service from Qinesis to support people in industry across the East Midlands.

If you are interested in being involved or want to learn more about the programme, please do get in touch at Growth@Qinesis.com

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