Qinesis Team Biography – Emre Karagoz

Marketing & BD Excutive 

Emre is an accomplished professional with a dynamic journey that led him to excel in the realm of public relations and advertising, a field he ardently aspired towards since childhood. Commencing his trajectory with an educational foundation at Boğaziçi University, where he honed his skills over five years, Emre’s decision to step away from traditional academia proved pivotal in his ultimate success.

His introduction to the world of marketing, particularly within the expansive landscape of his chosen field, transpired through immersive coursework during his university tenure. Recognizing a seamless alignment between his intrinsic characteristics and the multifaceted nature of marketing, Emre embraced the ever-evolving strategies and methodologies within this domain, continuously pushing himself to remain at the forefront of emerging trends.

Emre’s enthusiasm for marketing is underpinned by his creative spirit and open-minded approach. His steadfast belief in the potency of written communication, cultivated over four dedicated years of practice, fuels his ability to captivate audiences and wield the power of imaginative writing techniques to influence behavior. A natural storyteller, Emre finds profound satisfaction in the interplay of writing, imagination, and his distinctive traits of ambition and determination within the marketing landscape.


Turkish Literature and Language(Boğaziçi University) (Dropped out after 5 years) Pr and Advertising-Anadolu University
Business Administration-Anadolu University (Secondary Programme)
Master Degree of Communication Science; Pr and Advertising(Anadolu University)

Pro Bono:

Member of community volunteers foundation
Member of Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer


Poetry, Music, Dancing, Volleyball


Marketing Communications, Content Marketing, Creative Writing, Dijital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Business Development


A Reality Tv Star