Voice of the customer

Customer satisfaction is a key element in any business. No matter what your business or which sector you trade in, we all strive to offer our customers the best service & experience.

The voice of the customer will provide you information to enable you to test the effectiveness & efficiency of your business processes by determining non value added activity in the eyes of the customer since critically they set the agenda.

This provides companies with the opportunity to reduce costs & meet desired quality, service speed & reliability drivers along with opportunities in innovation & customer care.

The aim:

  • To increase your profitability & increase your sales growth
  • Understand your customer requirements through voice of the customer (VOC) surveys
  • To determine why you are successful (or not) in your current markets
  • To help you adapt your organisation to meet the changing needs of both your customers & markets
  • Recognise & choose the most effective & efficient processes, which have a competitive advantage over competing suppliers.


  • It allows you to consolidate existing customers & penetrate new markets
  • Allows you to understand your customers’ changing needs in terms of cost & price
  • Assess your product/service quality
  • Makes sure your delivery of the products & services is to a high standard
  • Creates an opportunity for innovation
  • It allows you to identify where performance can be improved
  • Identifies areas for growth through product or market development & diversification
  • Allows you to target resources on specific customers
  • Encourages the reductions in the complexity of technological solutions
  • Integrates marketing & manufacturing strategies improving internal communication
  • Ensures that your processes are aligned to the needs of the customer
  • It allows you to select the most appropriate tools TCP & techniques to ensure effective & efficient supply
  • It provides a mechanism for measuring & rewarding progress.

Using customer feedback profitably to grow & increase customer satisfaction & loyalty

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