The Qinesis Story

Many a time, we have been asked, where does the name Qinesis come from!

The story goes…

One late night while in industry, Cham Kang the md of Qinesis returned home. As always the first point of call was the kitchen & a cup of tea.

Then sat in the conservatory under a bright full moon & stars, Cham began to ponder the setting up his own company.

Already aware for some time that he wanted to establish a business & marketing consultancy, what would we be called? Struggling with names, Cham started to think about the services his company would offer. The themes that hit home were,

Make positive movement

Realising your full potential

The need to change

Energising individuals & teams

Personal & business, change & growth

A plan/path to success

All customers are unique

Our offering will be personal


Being a scientist before venturing into the commercial business & marketing world, Cham thoughts turned to chemistry terms,


Kinetic – relating to or resulting from motion

Kinetic energy – the kinetic energy of an object is the energy that it possesses due to its motion

Potential energy – potential energy is the energy that an object has due to its position


Kinetic marketing…no, potential marketing…no. kinesis marketing, yes that’s good. I like that, but will we stand out from the crowd? Will we be noticed, remembered? Hey, let’s use a q instead of a k, hence the name Qinesis.

Name sorted, we will be called Qinesis (pronounced with the q as a k, kin-e-sis)

Now for the logo…Staring at the beautiful full moon at that precise moment & a large dose of inspiration late into the light, a q with a moon in it!…Yes & simultaneously another idea, shedding light on a path to success, the logo of the q with the moon it…Yes, made complete sense. Well at least to Cham!

A quick sketch of the logo, all done.

Name, culture, values & beliefs & logo under the moon light over a cup of tea!

Lighting the path to your success

Qinesis - walton business centre - walton upon trent - derbyshire - de12 8nd

registered in england & wales no:5299701

vat no: 852 5106 42

0845 873 9274

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